Staffing and Human Resources

Our Executives as well as all the staff, are the “soul” of the camp. They are executives with successful camping experience, who are graduates of Pedagogical Schools, Physical Education teachers, Higher Education students, etc., with vocational training and love for the “child”.

Together they contribute to the smooth adaptation of campers to group life, their education, their participation in activities familiar or unfamiliar to them, developing ideals and values ​​such as: that of noble rivalry, discipline, teamwork, sociability and independence. .
In detail, our executives:

Our Leader: Mr. Peppas Ioannis is a professor of Physical Education, with more than 20 years of experience in the camp institution.

She works as a permanent Physical Education teacher in Primary Education. He is a member of O.D.P. ATHENS Preparatory School with training for the Prevention and Response of School Violence and Bullying (stop bulling). He also participated as the federal coach of E.A.OM. – Disabled in World and Pan-European championships as well as Paralympic Games. He also served as a referee, referee observer and referee trainer in the sport of football.

He is a founding member and president of the sports association “Galatsi-Gymnasium Gymnastics Association”.

Hierarchically, he is at the top of the camp structure, being responsible for sorting out the rest of the staff, shaping the camp program and controlling the smooth operation of the center.

Deputy Chief (s): Joins the Headquarters and assists in his role.
Common Leader: He is responsible for the children of his community (1/50) and is on the side of his team leaders to achieve the common goal.

Team Leader: He is responsible for the children in each house. His contact with children is constant as he accompanies them in all activities, in food and even in evening entertainment.

Heads of Sports & Cultural Spaces & Recreation :. They supervise their area of ​​responsibility, they are trained and specialized in their subject.
Lifeguards: They are at sea and in the pool throughout the bath, with the main purpose of child safety.

Psychologist: Assists in the smooth integration of children with adjustment difficulties and guides the Executives for the proper management of possible problems that arise in group coexistence.

Administrative Staff – Secretariat: It is the communication center of the parents and handles any kind of process, which concerns the entry or exit of the campers.

Doctor: A Doctor specializing in Pediatrics or General Pathology or General Surgery. It is located in the camp on an all-day basis to ensure the health of all residents, in the context of preventive medicine.

Nurses: They are in the office 24 hours a day, providing preventive medicine services and administering the medications that anyone may follow.

Guards: They control the entry or exit of campers, parents or visitors, and ensure the “quiet life” of the camp, during the day and night.

Cook: He is the person in charge of the kitchen, who ensures the preparation of all meals, observing the food hygiene regulations, which are defined by the rule of mass catering.

Cleaning and Maintenance staff: Ensure the cleanliness of all common areas, as required by the rules of hygiene of group life.